Keyline FAQ

General faqs

How can I purchase your products?

Keyline USA sells through the North American locksmith distribution channel. Locate the closest distributor on Distributors link at the top of the website menu.

How do I find out more about your company history?

If you want to know more about our company, read up on Keyline and Bianchi’s history here.

Where are you located?

We are located in a North Olmsted, Ohio; a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.


What does the warranty cover?

The key machine warranty covers all non-wear parts [i.e. cutters, tracers] and is void if unauthorized operations are carried out or non-original spare parts are used.


Keyline USA warranties non-wear parts for a period of one [2] years from the date of purchase by the original user for all key machines and cloning tools.

I lost or can't find my original warranty card for my key machine. How can I submit my product information?

It is important for our technical team to have your product information and serial number for your machine so we can alert you about new products, updates or recalls. Download our Product Registration Form, complete and fax back to us at 216-803-0202 or e-mail to 

Do you have special financing for any of your key machines?

All financing, leasing or special payments must be handled directly with your distributor.

What if my key machine is out of warranty and needs service?

Out of warranty repairs will be charged and coordinated directly with the product owner. Contact Keyline USA at 800-891-2118 for current hourly labor rates and cost of replacement parts. The product owner is responsible for all shipping costs related to non-warranty repairs.

How can I receive technical help with a key machine or cloning tool?

Please call our offices at 800-891-2118 and select the technical support menu options, or e-mail any technical support requests to

Key blanks

What is a non-transponder key?

A non-transponder keys means there is no technology in the head of the key. The keys are made of metal and some also have a plastic head. No programming is needed for these keys; they only need to be cut correctly to fit the lock and ignition in order to start the vehicle.

What material are your non-transponder keys made of?

Our non-transponder keys are made of nickel-plated brass. Nickel-plating the key extends the shelf life of the key and gives the key a new look for a longer period of time. Some of our non-transponder keys are also offered with a plastic head.

What is a Transponder key?

A Transponder key contains a small chip that transmits, receives and responds to data using radio frequency transmissions. When the key is inserted and turned in the ignition it sends a unique code or signal to the car’s on-board computer system. Once the computer identifies the signal as a valid key, it enables the vehicle to start.

What is a cloneable key?

A cloneable key is a replacement key for some automotive transponder keys that has an electronic circuit board or a transponder chip that can be “cloned” with an appropriate cloning tool.

What is a test key?

Our test keys are metal blades that allow the user to “test” cut a key in a lock using an inexpensive blade as opposed to a more expensive key that may need programmed.

What is a VATS key?

VATS stands for Vehicle Anti-Theft System and has a resistor embedded inside the key blade. VATS keys are used exclusively for GM makes & models and each resistor has one of fifteen possible values. Sometimes the resistors are referred to as "pellets" or "chips". These keys do not require a cloning or programming tool, only a reader to determine the resistor value. There are 2 types of VATS keys, single sided and double sided.