Keyline Cloning Tool

Keyline Cloning Tool

Keyline's solution for transponder-equipped car key cloning. Thanks to its easy and functional interface, this mobile App makes it possible to manage a Keyline 884 Decryptor Mini, the exclusive tool that integrates latest generation technology and unparalleled manageability.

When installed on a smartphone or tablet, the Keyline Cloning Tool App* brings the incredible power and calculation ease of the 884 Decryptor Mini on screen, with intuitive procedures, thus facilitating the tasks of automotive professionals. Thanks to this mobile App and to the 884 Decryptor Mini it is possible to work on-the go.

Features: cloning of all types of fixed code transponders; cloning of first and second generation Philips® Crypto transponders, Texas® Crypto and Texas® 80-bit transponders and TKM technology-supported Megamos® Crypto transponders. For further information, please visit the website.

Optimized for smartphones and tablets.

ONLY for USB On-The-Go (OTG) Compatible Android Phones and Tablets.

* Keyline Cloning Tool mobile App must be used only with 884 Decryptor Mini.

** Please do not remove the original key during the Texas 80-bit cloning procedure. In case of the cloning process interruption, the original key could be damaged.

In this case the cloning device automatically recognizes the non-functioning of the original key and restores it. If the recovery is not successful, it is necessary to carry out a manual reset by diagnosis.

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