RFD100 and RFD80 are the car remote models for Ford® keys, entirely on-board programmable, they guarantee perfect synchronization with the original Ford® remote without altering the functionality and working simultaneously. Rewritable, waterproof and with a lookalike Ford® design.

- RFD100, the universal remote control with an integrated TK100 board, is the electronic head for all types of Texas fixed code, Texas Crypto and second generation Philips® Crypto transponders. RFD100 has been upgraded and presents an even broader and complete list of models. With FD40-RFD and FD21-RFD blades, the key can be cloned with the 884 Decryptor Ultegra or with 884 Decryptor Mini for Ford®, Lincoln® and Mazda® (with Texas® fixed code and Texas® Crypto transponders) remote controls.

RFD100 is rewritable and has been designed to be programmed directly on board. RFD100 can be be pre-coded* with the new pre-coding function** available in 884 Decryptor Mini or 884 Decryptor Ultegra.

- RFD80 the Ford® universal remote with Texas 80 bit integrated transponder, to be programmed with a diagnostic tool. Remote functions can be easily programmed on-board, and has a plastic head with four buttons and a replaceable battery, and is available with three different key blades - FD3, FD21 and FD40 - for the duplication of remote functions for Ford® models from 1998+.

Keyline RFD100 and RFD80 have a plastic head with four buttons and an replaceable battery.

* For the pre-coding of RFD100, in order to realize a new Abarth®, Alfa Romeo®, Fiat® and Lancia® radio control, 884 Decryptor Mini must be equipped with Bluetooth & Power Adapter 2.0.

** The pre-coding function must be enabled in the Keyline Cloning Tool software and App, by purchasing separately the Pre-Coding software update.

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