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What Keycoins consist of?

Keycoins are virtual money that allows you to purchase software subscriptions for key cutting machines and cloning and programming devices. In addition, they can also be used to buy other services within Keyline Cloning Tool and Keyline HUB apps.

Which software is used to operate Keyline key cutting machines?

Keyline apps and software are developed by Keyline R&D team to manage devices and key cutting machines.

The operating software for almost all Keyline key cutting machines is Liger, a software with a database of thousands key cutting systems. It can be activated through updated packages that can be purchased on the KCT market with Keycoins.

By topping up your own virtual Keycoin wallet it is possible to carry out many other operations, such as for example subscribing to updated packages for STAK and 884 Decryptor Mini, respectively the programming and the cloning device (these products can also be used in pay-per-use mode).

What the new Keyline HUB app is?

Keyline HUB is the new exclusive Keyline app for managing all Keyline products, from key cutting machines to automotive tools. The application is available for all Android devices and allows you to record, manage and check all the information about your Keyline products. You will be able to search detailed information and directly request technical assistance. Only inside the app you can watch new tutorial videosprivate contentmanualscatalogs and informational leaflets for each product.