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A statement by Mariapia Bianchi, the spokesperson for a generation

The setting is Kyoto, Japan. A lovely and sunny day and the moment has come for an address by Mariapia Bianchi, the wife of Camillo Bianchi, the pioneer and innovator of a key copying system in the years immediately following world war II. Simple words, flowing from the heart, emotion-laden moments that trace the unique history of a company unmatched anywhere in the world, both for its strong links with the local community and its highly global outlook. Mariapia Bianchi, with her elegance and charisma, was very much part of the Trust-One Show just held in Kyoto. She graced the occasion with her presence, appreciated by all those in attendance who could better grasp what Made in Italy really means and also commemorate the 20th death anniversary of her husband, Camillo Bianchi. The tour of the Far East however will go farther than Kyoto: Ms. Bianchi is now on the plane to Shanghai to visit the brand-new Keyline office. In this fascinating land, Ms. Bianchi will convey the history of a company bearing a tradition that spans centuries.