Keyline TV

Keyline 2018 | The Art of Duplication

An artist’s creative process and Keyline values. Keyline’s 2018 corporate campaign, launched by the video titled “The Art of Duplication” describes the strength conferred by experience coupled with the power of new ideas to the search for perfection and unique creations.The images show master sculptor Otello Scatolini at work on a reproduction of the Ninja Total key cutting machine, the symbol of Keyline next generation design and technology, which he is sculpting from a half-ton chunk of Carrara marble. The choice of material introduces the viewer to a fascinating world of knowledge and intuitions that in the workshop are hard, but also an exciting daily toil. There is a suggestion that this ancient art and the heights of modern technology are running on parallel tracks. Inspiration, meticulous attention to details and a long history are the Keyline values highlighted by the work of art.The campaign “The Art of Duplication” starts with the 2018 calendar and then is developed online and through social media. The concept shows the passion that Keyline puts into creating precision tools that professional locksmiths use to express their art, in the best Italian tradition.