Keyline TV

Proudly Made in Italy

Proud. That’s how you can define new thinkers at Keyline, men who have given their lives to a project that took off nearly 250 years ago in the beautiful land of Cadore in Italy. A global message is launched today where Keyline’s most highly anticipated player, Massimo Bianchi, challenges the crisis, boldly claiming: “We can find all the resources we need to serve our customers worldwide here, in this land”. The entire production of keys and mechanical and digital key cutting machines, says the special one of Keyline, is exclusively located at Conegliano Veneto, in the same land that has narrated the success of a dynasty of blacksmiths tied to the local traditions and culture. The best products in the world are not only designed in Italy, but also manufactured, assembled and packaged here, to then be shipped across the globe. A history rich with passion and generational continuity that, however, involves all the operators who work in the company, the local suppliers and the territorial agencies.