Keyline TV

Welcome to Keyline's 2013: the Worldwide Innovators Year.

Keyline, a leading company in innovation of the Key Business, officially announces 2013 as the year that will give the final cue to the introduction of those novelties set to bring this industry to new global standards. After having launched a number of new products last year that are by far superior to those of its competitors, the R&D Department of the Company from Conegliano is already at work on dozens of new projects to develop even more, including new software for management and all those innovations in its distribution network and service that continue to get closer to the many customers all over the world. And to give an even more tangible sign, founder Massimo Bianchi has accepted to make his starring appearance in a short film shot in the Group's very headquarters and premiered at the Christmas party held for Company employees. It narrates the tale of a group of young street artists who, taking advantage of Keyline closing its offices for the holiday season, sneak into the manufacturing plant to paint graffiti of Keyline keys and cutting machines on the ground. The part of the guardian who finds them is played by none other than Massimo Bianchi, in a vaguely "Cohen Brothers" style. But in a Company of innovators as Keyline is, talented individuals, all the more if young ones, are never censored. That's why those graffiti there to welcome guests to the Christmas party, among whom the Governor of the Veneto Regio, Luca Zaia, have been left untouched and are still visible in the Production Department today. They are meant to remind all staff and competitors that 2013 will be the year of the bold, of those who know how to put their talent to use and who always are desirous to create something new every day. Happy 2013, the Worldwide Innovators Year.