250 years separate the time from the first key that Matteo Bianchi created by forging the iron extracted from the mines of Cibiana, in the Dolomites of Cadore, to the Keyline of today - a technological, industrial, globalized company.

The beginnings remain in our blood, but every moment of this long history is written in our memory.

The 1770’s represent the courage and strength of a family profession, but then there are the expanded horizons in the 1800’s and the technological transformation of the 20th century that introduced us, with Camillo Bianchi, as pioneers in key duplication; first mechanical and then electronic. And with the third millennium, we come to the digital revolution of our time. 

Such an important anniversary gives us a sense of responsibility, but also the joy of being able to share with all our customers and friends the satisfaction of the paths made together and the many goals that still await us.