Keyline USA, a leader in innovative key cutting and automotive security solutions, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Connection Network Agencies (CNA), effective immediately. This collaboration is set to significantly enhance the distribution and accessibility of Keyline products across Canada. 

Founded in 2010, Connection Network Agencies has established itself as a pivotal player in supplying niche products and services to the Canadian marketplace. With a commitment to delivering quality products in a timely manner and at competitive prices, CNA has become a trusted name in the design community, distribution, and wholesale markets, particularly in the commercial openings and security industry. 

Keyline USA is excited to partner with Sean and Kevin Hamilton and their team, which have been recognized for its emphasis on service,  education,  and understanding of the Canadian market's needs. 

CNA's dynamic sales team, with comprehensive coverage from coast to coast, is dedicated to the sales, marketing, and servicing of the products they represent. Their inside support team works tirelessly to ensure smooth and efficient order processing and coordination, reflecting their commitment to exceptional customer service. 

This partnership promises to bring Keyline USA’s cutting-edge key duplication and automotive security solutions closer to Canadian customers, backed by CNA's exceptional service and distribution network. 

For details on Connection Network Agencies and their services, visit