Keyline USA Year In Review

            The year is finally coming to an end and hopefully we can all breathe a sigh of relief as we ring in the New Year. As most of us know, this year has been challenging for everyone and we all cannot wait for 2021 to shed some positivity to those that need it most. In the spirit of the holidays, we would like to highlight the GOOD that has happened this year, instead of dwelling on the negative. Although it seems like 2020 was the worst year, we want to remind you that great things are still happening in the world. We would like to tell you about the good that has happened for Keyline during this uncertain year. We have had a tremendous year - full of challenges and achievements - and cannot wait to share them with you.


Celebrating 250 Years

            The Bianchi family is celebrating its 250th year in business! This reminds us that the Bianchi company is the world’s most long-lived dynasty of locksmiths, beginning in Italy, 1770. The key manufacturing company has been passed down from generation to generation, always staying within the family. There is such a unique and rich history of the Bianchi family and key manufacturing, which all can be found in the Bianchi Museum in Italy. This museum contains the one of the most complete private collections of keys in the world, holding almost two thousand items between keys, padlocks, locks and key cutting machines from all over the world and from several different historic eras, from the 1st century AD to present day. You can visit the key museum housed at the company’s headquarters in Italy or you can book a virtual tour to see all of the amazing key history at


NADA Show 2020

            NADA, our best and LAST in-person show of the year. With the pandemic hitting in March globally, we (like many others) were unable to join events that are typically popular and drive our partnerships and customer base. In February of 2020, we were able to participate in the last in-person NADA show which allowed us to connect with our customers, demonstrate our products and represent Keyline. This year is going to look a little bit different than 2020’s show. The NADA show is going VIRTUAL and we are so excited to be a part of this new platform! Although we enjoy seeing everyone’s face in Las Vegas during the 3-day show, this will be a new and fun experience and will keep us all safe. Visit us at the show on February 9th -11th at and ask us a question!


New Keyline Store

            This past May, we added a new eCommerce website, the Keyline Store. This store is an additional channel for Keyline to reach new customers and support those that may not have a distributor. We also sell our demo machines on our Keyline Store for anyone that wants a like-new machine for less! We often have sales and discounted products on the store’s website so keep a close eye out. We also have a newsletter that helps keep you up to date on the latest products, demos and promotions. Visit to shop and sign up for our newsletter for current information. 

The Keyline Academy – Where customers become experts

            Virtual learning is becoming more and more common, especially when it isn’t safe to travel. This past July, we joined the masses and created the Keyline Academy, an online training platform for Keyline customers. These videos give you in-depth knowledge of how to correctly set up a machine and how to run them in their entirety. The videos also teach you different tips and tricks that most people don’t know. A customer can watch one video or complete a course resulting in receiving a Keyline Academy certificate! To become a Keyline expert and to learn more about our products, please visit and sign up for free! For additional videos, please visit our YouTube page.

Most Popular Product of the Year – Gymkana 994

            The most popular product of 2020 is the Gymkana 994, Keyline’s latest electronic key cutting machine. The Gymkana 994 cuts automotive laser and double-sided edge cut keys which completely revolutionizes the daily work of automotive specialists at a very competitive price. With incredible speed and versatility, it is easy to see why the Gymkana 994 is the most asked for machine of the year! Keyline is always looking for ways to expand their machine capabilities to give the user the best experience but also a great value for the product and the latest accessory to the Gymkana 994 key machine does not disappoint. To learn more about the Gymkana 994 and all its capabilities, please visit the Keyline Store at

New M Clamp for Gymkana 994

            With so many changes in the automotive market, it can be difficult for companies to keep up. Thankfully, Keyline is constantly expanding its machine capabilities to give its users the best and most complete key cutting experience. The newest release from Keyline is the M Clamp for the Gymkana 994 key machine. Now the Gymkana 994 is more versatile and a more valuable machine in the market without needing two machines to cut certain keys. The M clamp allows the Gymkana to now cut single-sided automotive keys, commercial keys and residential keys. Sold separately is an additional adaptor that allows the M Clamp to cut older GM VATS keys, single and double sided. To learn more, please visit


            We understand how difficult it has been for everyone this past year. Keyline has faced a lot of challenges this year, but it is important to focus on the achievements of the year and the future. We hope we have filled you with some positivity and excitement as we enjoy the holiday and ring in the New Year. Have a wonderful and safe holiday and a happy New Year!