The new Liger software update improves the quality of the interface and the machine performance.

In version 3.05.0 with database 3.10 you will find the $ symbol on the keyboard for the Gymkana 994, Ninja Total, Ninja Vortex, Ninja Laser, Dezmo, Ninja, 994 Laser and Sigma Pro. This makes the research process much more efficient, as well as the custom card.

The introduction of a new T10 keyboard for Ninja Total and Ninja Vortex allows for the decoding of EVVA 3KS safety lights and the AV12 data adapter for Ford F-150 laser keys.

In Gymkana 994, the lateral check has been introduced for the Ford F-150. The new update also includes a very precise check of the thickness of the key making the cut more precise for many Honda, Subaru and Lexus keys.  

Also, Console X has been improved with a new internal update that allows you to work more efficiently.

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