Liger software: more powerful and complete!

From October 2019, the Keyline electronic key cutting machines, will be enhanced with even richer software updates! 

With the new annual subscription, you can immediately take advantage of up to 10 Liger updates per year!  The new subscription will include a larger key database, new cutting systems, a more user-friendly interface with new advanced functions, your personal area and much more... these are just a few of the new features of which you will benefit from the annual Liger Keyline software subscription!



You can register your key cutting machine directly  through the Liger software . Log-in with your Keyline username and password. If you don’t have them, you can easily create them by registering on the website or in the Keyline Cloning Tool App or Software! This will allow you to associate your machine to your personal profile and take advantage of special offers!


You can take advantage of the software update immediately after you have registered your machine and access the Liger subscription**. The software will notify you if your subcription is valid or if it has expired.

If it has expired, you can activate your Liger subscription in the Keyline Cloning Tool App or Software (from a PC connected to the Internet). You just need to enter in the new Keyline Market menu, then select your registered machine and select payment by KeyCoin***.


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** The non-registration of the machine and the non-subscription to any update does not affect the correct functioning of the machine.

*** If you do not have enough KeyCoin, you can add more to your Wallet directly from the Keyline Cloning Tool App, via the My Profile > Portfolio menu, and then entering the code that you find on the KeyCoin Card. To purchase KeyCoin Cards, contact your Keyline dealer.