Messenger® is Keyline’s new portable electronic key cutting machine for edge, laser, and dimple keys. COMING SOON!



In today’s world, people are constantly on-the-go, and Messenger® was designed to allow key duplication specialists to keep up with their customers. Every aspect of the machine has been carefully curated to optimize not only portability, but also functionality. It’s a compact machine weighing only 22 pounds and is exclusively controlled through the user-friendly Keyline KDT App, which was developed by our very own R&D Team to cut by code, decode, and copy keys. 

By giving users the option between using electric or rechargeable battery power supply, Messenger® serves a wide range of key duplication specialists. It can be used in-shop, or easily transported everywhere the user needs to go, thanks to the lightweight design and carrying handle. Even further, by controlling the machine through the Keyline KDT App in combination with the battery power supply, we’ve eradicated the need for lugging around any cables. This means not only is transport possible, it’s easy.



The Messenger®’s design dresses its mechanics with simple and minimal lines, giving the technical tool a minimalistic feel that reflects the simplicity of using the machine. The transparent shell permits the user to see the duplication process; the bottom tray catches shavings with user-safety in mind; and a tool tray makes storage effortless. The machine is hand-assembled and made of plastic, steel, and aluminum.


Like all Keyline products, Messenger® is Proudly Made in Italy. We add “proudly” because to us, "Made in Italy" means so much more than just a production location. It refers to the origin of our over 250 years of conception and innovation in the key industry, and the use of top-quality materials and production methods that maintain regard for the environment and our employees.

The Messenger® is a shining example of these values. While its quality materials and production methods maintain Keyline standards, what sets Messenger apart even further from other portable key cutting machines on the market is its capability of cutting both residential and automotive keys, its rich database of residential keys, and the ability to control the machine from an app.

In addition, Messenger® is not just for key duplication specialists looking to mobilize their business. It’s also for those in related industries who are looking to grow their business by branching out into key duplication. You don’t need to be an expert to use the Messenger®. Its user-friendly interface, easy transport, and wide range of cutting abilities make it the perfect key-cutting machine for beginners who are looking for a quality machine that they won’t quickly grow out of as their business expands.


The Messenger® allows the user to expand not only their customer base but also where, how quickly, and how easily they can provide their services – benefits that instantly trickle down to their customers as well. This machine also provides an opportunity for those hoping to break into the field of key duplication. With Messenger®, they are able to start cutting a wide range of keys, without having a large in-shop set-up already established, without needing a van for transport, and without sacrificing machine quality in order to get started.

Further, Messenger® is a step towards sustainability for the key cutting industry. A smaller, lighter machine means a smaller environmental impact in terms of materials used, and a smaller carbon footprint from shipping and distribution.

Lastly, by controlling the machine through the KDT App, users are given the option of running the machine through existing hardware (their Android tablet or smart phone), creating an adaptable software that can grow with the user over time, instead of being outgrown and replaced.

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