The new Liger 3.03.0 update, with database 3.05, improves a few dedicated cutting systems and facilitates the user in the use and maintenance of the duplicating machines, through specific messages.

Clamp N31 has been added to the Ninja machine and the Ninja Laser machine for the Zeiss Ikon VRS keys.

Many innovations dedicated to the Ninja Vortex machine and the Ninja Total machine: now they will be able to use the new C59 and C58 terminals respectively for cutting the Brisant WXM and Securemme EvoK50 keys; we have improved also the accuracy in decoding and cutting for Nikaba keys as well as the cutting of Kaba Star Old; finally we have corrected the spaces of the Potent 4000 card

The new update improves the hardware management of Gymkana 994 and improves the calculation of the angle of the clamps, refining the cutting procedures.