Liger Software Keyline Machines


The Liger Software version 3.04.3 with database 3.09 continues to increase the performances of the electronic key cutting machines with numerous and important innovations in order to maximize the efficiency for the key machine user.

To verify if your subscription is active and that you can update your software, please put your console serial number here.

On Ninja Vortex and Ninja Total modifications have been introduced of the special cutting methods for Abus; the method of tip cutting Kaba 20 has been added and an adjustment to the  indirect code entry for Abus EC 660 has been corrected; also the cut of Abus Vitess has been improved through the import of custom code tables.

 Two new terminals can now be used on Sigma Pro: the terminal 19 for Abloy Sentry and the terminal 20 for Abloy Exec.

Gymkana 994Ninja TotalNinja Vortex, Ninja LaserDezmoNinja994 Laser and Sigma Pro become even more functional with the update of the images and of the key profiles.

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