The Texas® 80-bit Keyline solution for the cloning of Ford®, Kia®, Hyundai® and Toyota® models is available from today with the Keyline electronic head TK100.  An exclusive solution inside a universal and versatile electronic head. A one of a kind tool that can clone an increasingly larger list of vehicle models without any dedicated software update: 

 - Texas® 80-bit code transponder types for Ford®, Kia® , Hyundai® and Toyota® 

 - Fixed code transponder types 

 - Crypto code transponder types

Download here the Texas 80-bit models list.


To meet all kind of needs, the Texas® 80-bit solution is available also in the carbon chip format with CKG, which now includes: Ford®, Kia®, Hyundai® and Toyota®.

When using TK100 and CKG for the first time please update (free of charge) your 884 Decryptor Mini and 884 Decryptor Ultegra with the Keyline Software and App.