ABOUT US: The National Locksmith tests the 884 Decryptor Mini

In a long and detailed article published in the latest edition of The National Locksmith, Richard Dickey describes the handy and powerful 884 Decryptor Mini device step by step and was impressed by its ease of use. He tested the device with the key of a Mercury Grand Marquis and commented that the “process was so fast that I thought I had missed some steps.” Another test with a more complex 2011 Jeep key with a Philips® Crypto transponder had him comment that the sniffing phase for the car key dialogue “works perfectly." The expert also tested the TKM. Xtreme for Megamos® update, finding the same extreme ease of use, and enjoyed himself by checking the efficiency of the Pod Key system with the Micro Series chips, again noticing the simplicity of the whole process. Dickey’s comments highlight the essence of the Keyline transponder technology for the automotive sector specialists: maximum speed, power and versatility, ongoing updates and a very affordable price.
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