Bluetooth & Power Adaptor for Mini: the battery that enhances the cloning experience!

Bluetooth & Power Adaptor is the perfect accessory for 884 Decryptor Mini. With this next generation rechargeable battery with Bluetooth technology, this cloning device now becomes wireless and service becomes truly limitless. The charge is stable and offers up to 10 hours of continuous operation. It can be recharged via a USB connection, and the device can continue working while recharging. Perfect integration that eliminates the need for connecting cables. With Bluetooth & Power Adaptor it is possible to work anywhere and under any conditions, operating the 884 Decryptor Mini by means of Windows PCs and Android devices, as well as through iOS smartphones and tablets, thanks to the Keyline Cloning Tool free App. Its use is easy and intuitive, allowing the user to enter the world of wireless cloning with just a few steps. This is a great opportunity for all specialists who wish to clone car, bike and truck keys in wireless mode.