Keyline in the News: the National Locksmith introduces the Camillo Bianchi Reader.

“Which key blank do you need?” This is the opening of the article published by The National Locksmith on the Camillo Bianchi Reader. Keyline USA launched the flat, single and double sided, and dimple key profiles reader onto the American market, after it had proven itself in Europe. In the July edition, the reader’s extreme ease of use and identification speed are described in detail. Just insert the key to be copied in the relevant key slot and the best reference and other possible references are immediately displayed on the 7” screen. The version sold in North America includes the self-acquisition function that makes it possible to create custom databases. The National Locksmith highlighted the particular care Keyline dedicates to the updates of its devices; such updates are always easily available for download, which is a fundamental feature for some types of key blanks and if the operator is not very experienced; overall, the Camillo Bianchi Reader makes it possible to save time and money and to satisfy the customer every time.
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