LIGER, more features than ever!

The Liger software is being continuously updated in order to develop the potential of the Keyline electronic key cutting machine to the fullest extent. The 2.41.2 version improves the stability of all electronic machines and reduces the Ninja Total and Ninja Vortex spindle reset times, thus improving the cutting performance. Ninja Total is also updated in order to use the new C30 universal clamp instead of the C01 and A01 clamps for the cutting and decoding of dimple and laser keys, as well as the new AV12 adapter for the cutting and decoding of Ford car keys with the C30 clamp. The Sigma Pro also gains new features in the steel cutting parameters: from now on it is possible to differentiate between “Steel 3 mm” and “Steel 6 mm”, to streamline device performance with very thick keys. In addition, the 2.12 database adds new Securemme, Abus, Cisa and Keso keys to the Ninja Total and Ninja Vortex databases.