T-Rex: The best choice for mechanical key cutting perfection

T-Rex and T-Rex Advance are the mechanical key cutting machines for laser, dimple and tubular keys designed for experts needing a versatile, professional, reliable and strong work tool.
Versatility. Innovative fixed clamp with 3 clamping systems for standard, Cisa®, VAG, tubular and many other keys.
Variable angle oscillating clamp, for dimple keys with flat and inclined bitting, in the T-Rex Advance version.
Adjustable cutting speed in the T-Rex Advance version, to adapt the cutting process to all types of material, including the hardest ones.
Safety. Intuitive LED panel that facilitates operations on the machine.
Large chip drawer and non-glare lighting for the working area, for best visibility.
Cutter motor with accidental start prevention system.
Easy to use. Ergonomic system designed to provide maximum visibility of the working area, with integrated cutting mills holder, for an optimal use.
Led panel with buttons and arrow keys to facilitate the calibrating and cutting operations
Patented technology. Motorized tools positioning system, with a patent pending, that speeds up the cutting process by eliminating any manual maneuvers. Available in the T-Rex Advance version.
Strength and reliability. Strong structure and fluid movements, with a powerful and silent asynchronous motor for intensive usage.


Versatile, innovative, fast, safe. In one word: T-REX!

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